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About Renee

Renee Konstantine is a local San Diego area Reverse Mortgage Broker, Consultant and one of only a few hundred Certified Reverse Mortgage Professionals (CRMPs) in the nation. She is well seasoned working in the Financial Industry since the late 80s. Her vast experience, knowledge, and ethics are a breath of fresh air while working with Seniors who appreciate her hard work and perseverance in sometimes challenging situations.


A Reverse Mortgage can make a huge positive impact on the lifestyle of a Senior and Renee is one that can educate and assist in evaluating financial retirement needs during a face-to-face initial assessment.


When not helping people with their housing and financial needs, she spends her time at the Yoga Studio and making handcrafted soaps. Renee is also a classically trained French chef with a penchant for making homemade chocolates.


Licensed in Washington, California, Idaho & Hawaii